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In early spring of 2020, Juzo held their 10th anniversary Power Symposium in Las Vegas. Juzo is a family owned manufacturer of compression garments, headquartered in Ohio. http://www.juzousa.com/ The four-day symposium was a two-part event. The first part focused on businesses that manufacture and/or sell products primarily for women who have undergone pre and post cancer treatment. The second part was a new addition to the symposium. This part of the conference focused on serving therapists who treat lymphedema, post-surgical rehab and wound care. A round of speakers presented for two full days.

The highlighted speaker was Guenter Klose, of Klose Training https://klosetraining.com located in Colorado. He brought lymphedema education to the USA in the early 90’s from the Földi Klinik in Germany. https://www.foeldiklinik.de/clinic/history/
Guenter began teaching and treating lymphedema patients for a private medical practice in New Jersey. A few years later he started his own nationwide business and began teaching and certifying therapists in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for lymphedema.

He presented, once again, that primary and secondary lymphedema is treatable at any stage of the condition with remarkable reduction results. He reminded the 150 therapists in the audience that CDT is successful, tried and true for over 40 years.

CDT consists of four physical therapy components (skin care, MLD, compression bandaging, and exercise) which if applied in combination  result in effective treatment for primary and secondary lymphedema. However, effective, long-term management of this incurable condition depends on the interplay of the therapist-based decongestive, intensive, phase of therapy and the home-maintenance, self-care, phase. Guenter Klose power point slide

For the Intensive Phase, Guenter recommends that therapists increase and spread the treatments over several days per week rather than two treatments per week over a longer period of time, as shown in this power point slide from his lecture.

We, the Northwest Lymphedema Center, support the self-care phase by offering a one-day comprehensive workshop, Lymphedema Self-Care Class, that reviews and expounds on all aspects of CDT.

Please register soon for the upcoming class as noted on our website.


I was able to attend the Juzo Power Symposium and will continue to share information from the various speakers at this event. Please comment or ask questions, otherwise, I will see you at the next NWLC Lymphedema Self-Care Class.


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