Living Well Classes

The Northwest Lymphedema Center is committed to helping YOU. We want you to know that lymphedema is manageable. With our guidance and classes, you will learn about the tools and techniques available to help minimize the questions, frustrations and confusion you may be feeling now. You’ll feel more confident when you leave the class with a routine to follow that helps you live with lymphedema.  

Our class will teach that you can be proactive in your own self-care, that your lymphedema doesn’t have to control your life, and that you are not alone. With this comprehensive information, conversations about lymphedema will become easier to share with your family, friends and medical providers.  

Class Schedule

Living Well Classes are are held in two sessions.

We begin with the basics: What is lymphedema? What is the lymphatic system and how does it support your health and immune system? You will learn about the symptoms, risks, precautions and care of your condition. The instructors will talk about Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), the most effective treatment for lymphedema relief, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.  

Class Instructors

Your instructors, experienced health educators, are trained as Certified Lymphedema Therapists, or as Garment Fitters and some of them have lymphedema themselves. Our guest speakers have additional training in programs that can enhance your ability to live well with lymphedema.

We invite you to take this class with us. Knowledge and camaraderie will go a long way toward helping you rise above the challenges and live your best life.


We rely on the generosity of individuals and sponsors who support our mission and activities.

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Upcoming Classes:

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