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The Joys and Distresses of Gardening (and the lessons I have learned)

I love gardening and can get lost in that activity for hours, especially during springtime. Weeding, planting, and trimming give me an opportunity to experience the many wonderful sights and sounds associated with nature. Gardening has also brought me some distressing times.  Besides having a sore back, I never considered gardening a risky activity. When […]

Juzo Power Lymphatics

In early spring of 2020, Juzo held their 10th anniversary Power Symposium in Las Vegas. Juzo is a family owned manufacturer of compression garments, headquartered in Ohio.  The four-day symposium was a two-part event. The first part focused on businesses that manufacture and/or sell products primarily for women who have undergone pre and post […]

Lymphedema and COVID-19

These are anxious times and you may want to know if lymphedema poses any additional health risks in relation to COVID-19. Below is a website link from LSN (Lymphoedema Support Network) and LE&RN (Lymphatic Education and Research Network) that provides valuable information. It also gives advice if you wear a compression glove or a sleeve with […]

Crosscut Publishes Opinion Piece on LYMPHEDEMA by Lola E. Peters

When the popular press focuses on Lymphedema it is always a welcome moment!  Thank you to Lola E. Peters for sharing her Lymphedema journey and more in CROSSCUT.  Thank you also for the ‘shout out’ for the Northwest Lymphedema Center. We reprint the text of the article below. Read the full article at CROSSCUT. […]

2019 3rd Annual Lymphedema Patient Symposium, Boston

With encouragement from my friend, Laurie, we both attended the 2019 3rd Annual Lymphedema Patient Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts. The event was hosted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. The focus this year was “It’s All About You!”. It was a one day event packed with relevant and encouraging information. What […]

Keeping Your Cool During the Heat

Hot summer days can cause swelling in people with a normal lymphatic system. Heat is especially problematic in people who have lymphedema. Along with increased swelling comes increased chance of infection. Whether you are experiencing warm weather at home or when traveling, there are several things you can do to help keep your body temperature […]